Good Art Is Not Cheap and Cheap Art Is Not Good

ARACELI'S PERMANENT MAKE UP is a young and dynamic company made ​by a professional Colombian beautician inspired by seeing the world more beautiful than it is.
Araceli has more than 20 years of experience working with American brand Products.
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Araceli Burbano is a professional beautician from Colombia, South America. She has had more than 20 years of experience in the esthetic field. Araceli has studied in the best schools for permanent make up the United States can offer including The American Academy of Micro-pigmentation, American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, and USA Beauty School International. She is also a part of the Permanent Make up Society. In those 20 years she has used nothing but the best American brands for her costumers. Inspired by seeing the world more beautiful than it already is Araceli is dedicated in serving the modern woman. Araceli’s Permanent Make Up is a cosmetic and beauty facility that provides health services that generate health, beauty and the quality of life. Our establishment not only is an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, but it also meets the same physical space as any other spa. Here at Araceli’s you can find everything from a facial and eyelash extensions, to a perfect stress free permanent make up procedure.


Araceli gets references from plastic surgeons regarding the make-up safety. She has studied courses of Skin Pigmentations with different types of ethnic backgrounds. Her experience is based on everyday procedures.

It is not the tools or techniques that you choose,
it is the person that holds the tools!



Remember! It is not the tool or technique that you choose, it is the person that holds the tools.
My motto is Sleep beautiful and Wake up with Make Up!!
Forget having to wake up 30 minutes earlier for make up!
Forget eyebrow pencils, eyebrow shadows, eyeliners and lip liners!
Forget spending money on pricy cosmetics! 

The Art Of Permanent Makeup Is A Long Term Solution!!!  

The main mission of Araceli's Permanent Make-Up is to provide timeless beauty to our customers with quality, good service and professionalism. I am more than qualified to do the job with commitment and I have the ability to apply my knowledge to each and every project.

Every person at our comfortable facility is willing to take time and answer all of your questions and concerns with open ears and full patience.


Araceli's permanent make up is a company dedicated to beautify women with responsibility, professionalism and dedication.
Each project is a challenge that leads us to make our clients feel good, project confidence and use the best quality products. Araceli's permanent make up cares about your well being so we use items and pre-tested products to give their best in every project.