Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is also called micro pigmentation and it involves the implantation of pigments placed on the first layer of the skin.This implantation is done with complete hygenic guarantee.

Note: These pigments are especially designed for facial application in a process of art. All these procedures are applied with a rotator pencil using small needles that are implanting pigment into the first layer of the skin using topical anesthetic to numb the area.

Q: Can everyone have Permanent Make-up done? Yes, some example are:

  1. people with disabilites
  2. people with Parkinson's Disease
  3. people who were born without eyebrow hair
  4. people without shape or arch on their eyebrows
  5. people who are not good at doing make-up
  6. people who want to enhance their eyes

Q: What is the difference between a tattoo and permanent make up? 
A: There are 3 main differences between permanent makeup and a tattoo. Tattoos and permanent makeup are done with different inks. Tattoo ink is used for the body, using Chinese ink which may or may not smear or change color over time. While permanent makeup ink is used only on the face using American ink. Another difference is that while tattoos go into the third layer of your skin the permanent makeup done in our facility only goes into the epidermis of the skin. Another very important difference is the tools that are used. Tattoo artists use gun machines for body tattoos and our permanent makeup facility uses a rotator pencil giving the technician complete control of the tool.   

Q: How permanent is permanent makeup?
A: Although micro pigmentation has the name permanent make up, it requires touch ups. Some touch ups may be required more frequently than others depending mostly on the technique and color. All permanent make up color fades within time some can be from 1 to 2 years and others even up to 5 years just for eyebrows. Like I explained permanent makeup only goes into the first layer of your skin and is done with only the best American inks. Some Permanent makeup done elsewhere (in some cases with imported ink) may last a very long time but you must be very careful because these inks can smear and drastically change color over time this is why tattoo inks are never to be used for permanent make up.


  • If you have allergy or special allergies to hair coloring or any other type of bad allergy, let the technician know. We offer a Patch Test (charge of $25).
  • The first day of any procedure you will notice more color than usually, but day after day it will go down until you find the desired color.
  • Some people maintain the color longer than others, depending on you skin pigmentation.
  • Permanent Make-up will not be applied to people younger than 18 years old. (NY State Law).